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The (crucial) Art of Preparedness

Klaus Schwab, Founder and Executive Chairman of the World Economic Forum, said, “In the new world, it is not the big fish which eats the small fish, it’s the fast fish which eats the slow fish.” I read this quote on one of the social media platforms and it hit the bulls eye!! There is no better way to describe the fast-paced digitalized world of today. Hence the arising Question, "Are we prepared for the imminent future?"

The crux of any revolution, be it political or social, is change or transformation'. What makes this Fourth Industrial revolution a peculiar one is the accelerated pace at which it has engulfed the world. It has piggybacked on its predecessor (third industrial revolution) and introduced humanity to another realm of change. Unlike any other revolutions, the change is so rapid that it has left the global economies, jobs and human dynamics in a state of flux.

According to the World Economic Forum's Future of Jobs Report 2020, Automation, in tandem with the COVID-19 recession, is creating a ‘double-disruption’ scenario for workers.

The pandemic and ensuing lockdowns have accelerated digital adoption by industries and businesses at different levels which will eventually lead to redundancy of many 'old' jobs.

"We estimate that by 2025, 85 million jobs may be displaced by a shift in the division of labour between humans and machines, while 97 million new roles may emerge that are more adapted to the new division of labour between humans, machines and algorithms." - Future of Jobs Report 2020

Changing consumer preferences, ephemeral skill sets, uberization, welcome to the new revolution wave 4.0. Will humanity survive this wave? Or will our worst nightmare (as depicted in many Hollywood films) come true? Robots will take over!! Well, that is a

far-fetched thought and a topic for another discussion.

Like every change this too is uncomfortable and frightening. But the only way out is through! The core of surviving this wave lies in riding it, leading it. First, it needs acceptance of this rapid change. Technological advancements and the corresponding ripples created in the complex digital ecosystem is the future of a capitalist economy. Only acceptance can help reach the next step, planning and development. Planning on developing the talent needed to overcome the redundancy and to become a part of the future workforce. It may require squeezing out of the comfort zones.

Of course, the onus to shape the consequences related to the technological revolution lies with the individual government of the nations. To control the course of these advancements and offer a smooth transition for people by providing modes to learn the new world skill sets. Nevertheless, as parents and teachers we can already foresee the future and help prepare our children for the technological paradise of the future.

“You’re either the one that creates the automation or you’re getting automated.” Tom Preston-Werner

We at H2OBudapest can help you attain this 'Art of Preparedness'.

We have partnered with 'Unbound' which is an online platform for children aged 6-14 to hone those mandatory 21st century skills. Helping those impressionable young minds develop Analytical thinking, Mathematical aptitude and Logical reasoning with the help of coding. It is developed by a fleet of elite professionals with 25+ yrs in Education Tech from the most renowned engineering and technological colleges which makes it truly reliable. More details will be provided very soon. Meanwhile you can reach out to us for further information or questions via our Homepage or follow us on LinkedIn and Facebook .

At H2OBudapest it has been our pursuit to not only provide a state-of-the-art venue with absolute professional ambience but to help continue learning and development as a culture.

After all, its Our Space, your Business!

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