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Will a Hub and Spoke model reshape the offices of the future?

Hub and spoke model for office spaces is not a new concept at all. It has been around for decades since finding its origin within the aviation industry. However, lately, it has gained more attention than before due to the ongoing dispersed workforce controversy.

So what is the Hub and Spoke office model? What are the benefits of it? Will it gain popularity in the post-Covid world?

In office space terms, hub and spoke model includes a primary 'hub', which is a main centre or headquarter and local, satellite offices (spaces) termed as 'spokes'.

You can imagine it like a bicycle wheel with a central hub and various spokes around it.

It crucially presents an opportunity to enjoy the best of both the worlds; by providing the employees access to office amenities but with 'flexible' option of working closer to home, rather than at home. Thus avoiding the shortcomings of the pure remote work model like, isolation, poor team morale, lack of collaborative opportunities and technical disruptions.

There is no doubt that Covid-19 and the ensuing lockdowns have changed the way we think about workplace. Despite the fact that people have become accustomed to the new home office model, employers still need a place which can support team building and collaboration. And it is still a lurking question if corporate office buildings will ever come back to full capacity like the pre-pandemic times.

With the growing sentiment towards work from home or closer to home, large corporate offices located in city centres will be reduced to adapt to a more mobile workforce.

Hub and spoke office model provides a possibility of having a reduced rental space cost coupled with the workplace flexibility for the employees looking for a better work-life balance. It is an obvious win-win option for businesses, helping them retain and attract a wider talent pool and freeing up capital to invest in growing the business further.

H2O Budapest offers contemporarily designed office spaces that perfectly fit into the hub and spoke office model. With high speed internet, free coffee and tea, individual work desks, clean and hygienic premise it is a perfect space for teams to come together, collaborate and bond once again. We offer extremely lucrative customised short and long term packages to suit your business needs.

After all, it's our Space, your Business!

Your search for an exclusive office space ends here!!

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