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Happily ever after - Myth, Reality or Choice

As yet another International Women’s day passes us by, I am compelled to ask myself a question, “What does this day mean to women?"

Are we able to command the position that we truly deserve or do we hanker for approval and as the title suggests do we truly have fairy-tale endings? All around the world there is no dearth of strong and powerful women who have made their presence felt, be they leaders of their countries, heads of organizations, owners of small businesses, homemakers or the women laborers who struggle each day to keep their home fires burning. The list doesn’t end here. There are many more and they are all a source of inspiration. However in this unequal world there are millions of women, invisible and unknown, leading a life abiding by the rules meted out by gender-insensitive individuals. Are they all happy or living happy lives? Difficult to answer!! We all agree that being happy is a state of mind. But don’t we require conducive surroundings to reach that state of happiness, an environment of respect, freedom of thought, equality, to name a few.

“And one day she discovered that she was fierce and strong and full of fire and that not even she could hold herself back because her passion burned brighter than her fears“ - Mark Anthony

I live in India, a land that is steeped in cultures so diverse and rich, but the diversity does not stop in the vast and beautiful landscape or the rich culture nor does it end in its innumerable people and their languages. The diversity has penetrated in the way our women live their lives. Our history is filled with stories of valor amongst women, who of their own free will gave up their lives for their motherland. It was their choice. There are women who form the task force of most walks of life. But there is another side to this.

Alongside these women there are millions of those who are made to live lives designed by others. They are used and abused in ways we cannot imagine. The “Happily ever after” adage indeed becomes a myth in such cases. We can google and find instances of such abuse all around the world. I won’t delve into details. This topic is so vast and varied that I could go on citing examples. But for now I shall leave it like a bare shell. For each of us to fill in with ideas and thoughts.

I salute all those women who are able to fulfill their dreams and aspirations despite the obstacles and I pray that the rest are able to gather the courage to challenge and to choose to live "Happily ever after".

Let each day be our day. Let it be our choice to lead our lives the way we want. Let’s break the myth and make happiness a choice, a very real and achievable choice. Thank you for going through this . I await the continuance to the thread with your valuable feedback.

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